IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure:

Process management for enhanced business outcomes

Business Process Management (BPM) has seen high levels of adoption among large and medium scale enterprises as a management practice dedicated to driving
core automation benefits such as cost efficiencies, faster time-to-market and improved customer service.

  • Braven’s robust Business Process Management consulting and successful implementations on dynamic case management, process management, collaboration and
    governance have created compelling evidence of its BPM thought leadership eventually making Braven the best among BPM solution and service providers.
  • Its industry & enterprise solutions such as Complaints & Compliments Management Solution for leisure & hospitality industry, Patient Care
    Management solution for healthcare, Client On-boarding solution for capital markets, Claim Management solution for trade credit and Business Process
    Competency Center (BPCC) are an outcome of our years of domain & technical experience in these verticals.
  • Our on-going focus in BPM solutions is leveraging on predictive & decision analytics and mobility & social media to shape the changing dynamics
    of customer-supplier relationship from the process improvement perspective.

Business Process Analysis & Design

Braven has helped its clients to establish the right foundation for BPM program by ensuring round trip improvement of business processes through effective
Business Process Analysis and Design (BPAD) than merely subjecting them to automation by a BPM technology.

  • Braven’s business process analysis and design framework enables defining, automating and executing human, content, process and integration centric
  • Braven’s BPAD consulting and other offerings allow organizations to undertake various process analyses and design projects by providing a rigorous,
    structured framework for achieving early and high-impact business value.

Braven's BPM Acceleration Methodology

Only a few BPM methodologies have embraced Agile techniques, leaving most implementations at very high risk. Embracing an iterative, Agile approach
increases the probability of successful implementation and delivers value much earlier.

  • By leveraging an iterative Agile development, Braven’s BPM Acceleration Methodology (VBAM) helps achieve business results by accelerating time to market.
  • VBAM framework provides structured step-by-step BPM implementation approach including suitability assessment & planning, accelerated solution &
    design workshop, and an Agile execution framework.
  • VBAM framework combines Agile best practices, BPM platform-specific capabilities and optimized GDM to create a proven framework for delivering superior
    BPM results.
  • Braven's BPM Acceleration Methodology benefits include:
  • Up to 50% reduction in time to market through streamlined requirements gathering process, accelerating benefit realization.
  • More than 40% improved accuracy of requirements leading to faster business acceptance of IT deliverables and reduction of IT/business gap
  • Improved overall solution design quality by focusing on the features with highest business value
  • Reduced financial risk by delivering working solutions early.

Progress RPM Test Drive

Progress Software’s Responsive Process Management (RPM) suite promises to overcome the challenges of above operational delays, poor customer experience,
high cost of maintaining heterogeneous, siloed applications and non-integrated processes resulting in low employee productivity.

Progress RPM consists of a unique set of tools and accelerators brought together by a unified Control Tower that provides real time capabilities for
business users to model, monitor, control and improve dynamic applications and responsive business processes.

It can deliver significant business value through:

  • Improvements to customer service
  • Increased employee productivity, business efficiency
  • Enhanced operational cost controls
  • Operational cost controls
  • Minimizing errors related to transactions

However, there are significant challenges in getting the best ROI from such investments:

  • Poor understanding of the concepts, methodologies & tools
  • Lack of business–IT alignment around program objectives

Test Drive Progress RPM

Braven's RPM Test Drive
helps clients’ plan, design and execute successful responsive process management programs.

  • Braven’s RPM Test Drive educates business and IT teams on RPM value, concepts and methods, identifies transformation opportunities by building a business
    case with ROI and helps customers adopt the right project model and methodology.
  • The three-week engagement is built on the company’s Understand-Evaluate-Demonstrate (UED) framework for RPM needs assessment, business case and ROI
  • It has proven to help organizations reduce the time to program kick-off by 90 percent and lower program risks by more than 70%.